Missionary Profile

Ted and Malia met in Belgium, fell in love and married. And, like their parents before them, they have chosen to spend their lives spreading the gospel in a culturally rich but spiritually pour European setting.

TAfter two terms ministering in church development, Ted and Malia Winston refocused their ministry toward youth work. Youth evangelism had already been an important part of Ted and Malia’s ministry over the past 10 years. They had been involved in helping Jeunesse et Vie (Young Life Belgium) with camps and clubs. And with WorldVenture’s agreement, the Winstons’ involvement with Jeunesse et Vie was stepped up to a full-time partnership.

TTed leads a youth club, directs camps, helps in teaching and discipling new counselors and speaks at different events. Malia focuses her time on making contacts and working in discipleship.

TThis new generation of young people is more spiritually committed, and there have been 14 baptisms among young people this past year. The Winstons are both encouraged and excited for the future.

TThe Winston family has integrated into a new church. Ted runs the “building” team dealing with improvements or purchases. Malia teaches Sunday school and leads worship. She is working on developing relationships with the girls. They both help lead a small group in their home.