Missionary Profile


Willie and Lena completed their courses of study at the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, Arizona, and have been active in ministry among the Navajo people ever since. Willie has worked with Navajos in small groups in Gallup, New Mexico, and in Kachina Village in Flagstaff, Arizona.

He also taught at Indian Bible College in Flagstaff for four years. In addition, he took on the chairmanship of Western Navajo Bible Fellowship Incorporated, which consists of 27 sound, Bible-believing churches on the western Navajo Reservation.

From 1988 to 1993 he pastored First Baptist Church in Tuba City, Arizona, and from 1993 to 2004 he planted a church (Kaibeto Baptist Church) in Kaibeto, Arizona. From 2005, he has been working with the new church planting location at Mesa View Baptist church in Black Mesa Arizona. He knows firsthand the urgent need for planting sound, Bible-believing churches on the Navajo Reservation. Willie and Lena have been with Missions Door since 1993.

Willie and Lena’s desire is to plant new churches and come alongside established but struggling assemblies. Through an established church-planting team they plan to bring sound, Bible-based teaching, create strong leadership and build permanent facilities for gatherings. They believe Christ is the real answer in reaching out to Natives who are satanically confused and in bondage to sin.


Willie and Lena Tsosie were born on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, and they were raised in the tradition of their people. Both accepted Christ during their high school years. Willie is concerned because the Native religion is strongly emphasized, and culturally related hindrances against Christ’s church are readily condoned.

The Native American church (drug use is required in worship) has become the norm, and cults are moving onto the reservations. In addition, economic and social changes are taking place as more and more Navajo people have been paralyzed with alarming financial and domestic problems.

Emotionally charged churches, mixed with pagan beliefs and worship, are widespread on the reservations; many are in serious trouble or have closed


Willie and Lena were married in 1976 and have four children, Angela, Alana, Avadina and Avery. Angela is married to Clifton Askan and has two children: Julina and Taylor. Alana is marriage to Keidrick June and has two children: Kamya and Kayomi