We have some Fellowship Groups meeting on Sunday mornings, but there are numerous groups within the Solid Rock Christian Fellowship church family, some 25 in all.

The groups, varying in size from 6 to 16, meet different days of the week, both on the church campus and in homes throughout the tri-city.

Each meeting consists of a time of fellowship, studies in God’s Word and a time of prayer. The studies vary in nature from sermon based, books from the Bible, Christian Literature, GriefShare, and The Truth Project (the excellent 13-week dvd series produced by Focus on the Family where the believer is taught the difference between the Christian world view and the view held by the world).

The Fellowship Groups Fall semester will begin the week of August 17, 2015. To get plugged into a small group, contact the church office or search online using the links below.


You can locate a small group using our online tools.


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