Missionary Profile

A major chunk of Ed Gudeman’s energy and time is dedicated to leading and teaching in the Pioneer Program, a lay seminary in which men and women are trained for ministry and leadership. The small size classes allow for a great deal of personal interaction to take place both inside and outside the classroom. A lot more than Bible knowledge is passed on in this school as the professors and students seek to perfect in their lives the interpretation and application of God’s Word. Vision, motivation and encouragement passes around the group as both the students and professors seek God’s will for their lives and churches. This type of mentoring/teaching/learning is a basic element of Ed’s ministry, not only in the lay seminary, but also in his church and team leadership ministry.

In 2003, Ed and his wife, Sheryl, took over as WorldVenture’s field leaders for Spain. As they continue to live into the leadership role, they find that for now God is confirming this ministry as a direction in which he has called them. Helping their team members in practical and strategic ways has been both difficult and rewarding and it has been exciting to be a small part of the great things that God is doing through these other WorldVenture Spain team members.

The Gudemans have also been a part of La Elipa church since they came to Spain in 1995. It has been a remarkable privilege to learn from these people and share their spiritual journeys together. Ed functions as one of the elders and Sheryl is actively involved with the informal pastoral ministry that is essential to every healthy church. One of their favorite ministry activities that Ed and Sheryl share is premarital counseling. They have a great time entering into the lives of young couples and helping them think through issues that will affect them the rest of their lives.